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COVID-19 Return to Work- Potential Risk & Control Matrix

This matrix has been assembled as a vehicle to commence discussions on the likely risks to staff from COVID – 19 infection when returning to work and suggested measures to mitigate the risks. This matrix has been prepared in line with the current UK Government guidelines, however may be subject to amendment based on any further guidance / regulations issued.

From details emerging from UK Gov. briefings, mitigation measures it is likely that they will need to remain in place for the rest of 2020 or until an efficacious vaccine is developed and received by the population. This means that some measures may need to be extended into the new year (2021)

In line with UK Gov and WHO Guidance, employers will be required to produce their own risk assessments for continuation and return to work. It is generally accepted that the employer will have the duty of care towards the assigned employee and is charged with the duty to fully assess the risk to staff from their processes and the additional risk posed by the COVID-19 Virus. Therefore, any Control measures including Safe systems of work, additional PPE, information, instruction and training and supervision are the responsibility of the client employer. As a training company, PPL Training has both the legal and moral duty (Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999) to ensure that both staff and delegates are suitably and sufficiently managed with regard to the assurance of their health, safety and welfare by the diligent transfer and exchange of information.

This transfer of information will be the responsibility of all management staff of PPL Training, however will also adapt to any additional measures required by our clients, in relation to on site course delivery, using the minimum requirements of the information detailed below

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