Covid Update

Facemask Policy - Do I Need To Wear A Facemask?

We encourage our colleagues and customers to continue wearing face coverings when using the communal and practical areas in our training facilities. While the legal requirement to wear a face-covering has changed (19th of July), the government recommends that face coverings are considered to be worn in crowded and enclosed spaces. We, therefore, ask that you wear a face-covering in corridors, communal areas such as kitchens, practical areas and when entering a different departments office spaces. We continue to offer hand sanitiser around the building and again encourage the use. We thank you for your cooperation in helping keep a safe working and learning environment - PPL Training

Hotel Check-in Times

Premier Inn have released a statement saying:- "With so many guests returning, and with our additional Premier Inn CleanProtect hygiene measures in place, we’ve changed our check-in time to make sure we have enough time to get your room ready for you. Between 7th July and 30th September check-in will be available from 4pm."

16th August Update

-Staff no longer need to self-isolate if they have been in contact with someone who tests positive, provided they have had both Vaccinations (with second being beyond 14 days). -Staff contacted by Track and Trace, or informed they have been in contact with someone who tested positive, as far as reasonably practicable should work from home, carry out a -PCR test until they know the result is negative, where they can return to work. -If a staff member cannot work from home, e.g. class starts on Monday and no alternative trainer available, the staff member is requested to conduct daily lateral flow tests, with a hopeful negative result, until the results of the PCR test is known. If the Lateral Flow Test proves positive then they will self isolate. -If staff receive a positive result from a PCR test they should still self isolate As always, guidelines and advice are under continual review

19th July Update

We are maintaining a range of Covid secure measures to ensure the safety of both our visitors and staff. - Phased increasing of in-centre classroom numbers 8/9/10s - Maintaining 1m+ distancing in courses, 1 delegate per desk - Staggered class start times to remain, helping to minimise contact points. - Face coverings are encouraged in communal and practical areas. - Sanitation points/ signage to remain - Maintain good ventilation within the classroom with open windows and doors - Retain delegate sign-in system and key cards, with Covid questionnaire

Face to Face Training

Both our York and Slough centres are now open for face to face training and continued to implement a range of modifications to ensure that we continue to provide you with a safe Covid secure environment when attending our tutor-led training courses. We continue to recommend, where possible, - Staff to continue working at home, reducing in-centre staff numbers. - Try and minimise prolonged contact with staff and delegates from other courses. With the experience gained over the last year and the large investment of both time and effort, we are in a strong position to continue to offer our industry-leading training whilst keeping you safe. For more information, please have a look at our Covid Policy and Covid Risk Assessment - Covid Policy - Covid Risk Assessment

Safe Return To Training

With some 1 in 3 persons being asymptomatic of showing the effects of the Covid virus, for our staff we shall be offering Covid Antibody testing. Not only is this a part of our duty of care to returning to work, but it also offers some personal reassurance to the health and well being of our workforce. Having enrolled in the government-backed Business Lateral Flow Scheme, we will also be encouraging all staff to participate, and actively monitor any potential spread of the virus. Our Covid secure arrangements and Risk Assessment have been reviewed and, where required, strengthened to endure the Health, Safety and Welfare of both our staff and visitors is maintained at the highest level, within our centres and on-site.

Any Other Questions?

All our staff are working to assist with any questions regarding your course and any hotel bookings. You can call us on 0333 121 1215 or email if you have any questions or would like to make a future booking. Throughout both our York and Slough training venues we have implemented a range of modifications, providing you with a Covid-19 secure environment when attending our tutor-led training courses.
The majority of our images were taken pre-covid and do not replicate the control measures we currently have in place