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Covid Update

Do I Need To Wear A Facemask?

The requirement for the wearing of face coverings in schools, both in class and in communal areas, has been removed with immediate effect, and the wearing of face coverings in public areas, shops etc is no longer necessary from Thursday 27th January 2022.

While there is no longer a requirement to wear a facemask, all personnel have the option to wear a face covering in all practical and communal areas.

Face to Face Training

Both our York and Slough centres are open for face to face training and have continued to implement a range of modifications to ensure that we provide you with a safe Covid secure environment when attending our tutor-led training courses. We continue to recommend;

- Face coverings are optional in communal areas and practical facilities

- Sanitation stations are still operational around our centres, and continued use of these is encouraged

- Delegates and staff should check for symptoms daily, and not attend their course if symptoms are present. Delegates and staff are asked to please call reception (0333 121 1215) to inform us of their absence

- Staggered classroom start times for face-to-face training is in place to minimise interactions between classroom groups

- Spatial awareness/social distancing is encouraged throughout our centres, with 1m spacing present in classrooms, and staggered lunch breaks for all classes

- Minimise prolonged contact with staff and delegates from other courses

With the experience gained over the last year and the large investment of both time and effort, we are in a strong position to continue to offer our industry-leading training whilst keeping you safe. For more information, please read our Covid Policy and Covid Risk Assessment - Covid Policy- Covid Risk Assessment

Any Other Questions?

All our staff are working to assist with any questions regarding your course and any hotel bookings. You can call us on 0333 121 1215 or email if you have any questions or would like to make a future booking.

Please note that PPL Training reserves the right to cancel or postpone any course, either before or during its delivery, as the health of our staff and delegates is paramount.

The majority of our images were taken pre-covid and do not replicate the control measures we currently have in place