Threat of Legionella in Leisure Facilities Persists

Facilities duty holders in the UK are continuing to ignore their responsibility to the public by allowing premises under their care to fall into dangerous states of disrepair. A recent case in Scotland involved a family staying at a luxury resort and finding shocking conditions inside their living quarters, including unsanitary shower and hot-tub facilities. What makes this case worse is the fact that the facility in question had already been investigated several years previously for an incidence in which a guest contracted Legionnaires’ Disease and subsequently died. Legionella is a hardy bacterium that thrives in squalid hot-and-cold water systems, such as neglected pipes, outlets, tanks and condensers. Living in droplets of water vapour, it causes pneumonia symptoms when inhaled, leading to persistent chest pains and nausea, which left untreated can have serious consequences. This is why the spread of the bacteria must be rigorously controlled and facilities managers are on the front line in this effort. Those who neglect this responsibility risk severe punitive damages and also damage the reputation of leisure facilities and businesses, on top of the senseless risk to public health. In the Dundee case, environmental health experts are being readied to visit the premises in question to make an assessment of facilities and quantify the threat to the public. With legionella, prevention is the only way to ensure that staff and visitors can safely use facilities like pools, bathrooms, saunas and fountains. Only by regularly flushing water systems and deep cleansing facilities can build-up of the bacteria be prevented altogether, making these essential water hygiene protocols that all duty holders should be aware of. We provide comprehensive courses designed for building managers to help them carry out risk assessments, test for risk factors and prevent the build-up of dangerous bacteria like legionella. Find a list of our legionella courses here, or for more information contact our Account Managers on 0333 121 1215 or email