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Legionella Training Model Flowchart

Find the Right Legionella Training Course for you and your Employees

We offer a wide variety of City & Guilds accredited Legionella (Water Hygiene) training courses. Not sure which one is best suited for your needs? Don't worry - we've created a legionella training flowchart to help you decide which course(s) are suitable for you and your employees.

Find out about Legionella, whether you are from Facilities Management, Healthcare, and Defence (MOD) sectors. Our Legionella training courses have been specifically constructed for anyone who is involved in the control, measurement, and management of the legionella bacteria.

Legionella can be a serious risk for building owners as it thrives in moist conditions and can be found in your hot and cold water systems, disabled toilets, spa’s, hose pipes and even cooling towers. It is essential that staff are suitably trained and understand their roles and responsibilities to minimise outbreaks of legionnaires’ disease, which if left unmanaged can be a deadly problem.

Download your Legionella Model Flowchart here

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ACOP L8 Role Typical Responsibilities ACOP L8 Recommended Position Recommended Course(s)
Duty Holder Risk assess existing buildings. If identified appoint 'Responsible Person' Employer, Person in Control of the premises or Self Employed WH001
Competent (Responsible) Person Implement and manage the Legionella Written Scheme. Ensure training and competency of all involved. Director or Manager WH001, WH003, WH010
Risk Assessor Carry out risk assessment on water systems to identify the risk of building occupants who may have been exposed to Legionella bacteria Director or Manager WH003, WH004, WH006, WH010, WARE, UHWS
ACOP L8 Role Recommended Course(s)
Duty Holder WH001
Competent (Responsible) Person WH001, WH003, WH010
Risk Assessor WH003, WH004, WH006, WH010, WARE, UHWS