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Authorised Person Confined Spaces (Commercial) (APCS)

£1,325 + VAT
4 Days
York,   Slough and On-site.
Course Overview
This City & Guilds Assured course has been developed to follow the advice outlined in the Safe Work in Confined Spaces, Confined Spaces Regulations 1997, Approved Code of Practice, Regulations and Guidance L101, JSP375, Volume 3 Chapter 6 and Procedures for Confined Spaces.

This course does not satisfy the requirements for confined space working within sites controlled by the MOD, please refer to Authorised Person Confined Spaces (MOD) (CSMOD)
Who is This Course For?
This is aimed at those who have been selected for training to become an Authorised Person (Confined Spaces) with responsibilities to implement, manage and control all aspects of confined space operations ensuring that a safe system of work is in place prior to any confined space activities being permitted.
Start Date End Date Location Price (Ex. Vat)
Mon, 5th August 2024 Thu, 8th August 2024 Slough £ 1,325
Mon, 19th August 2024 Thu, 22nd August 2024 York £ 1,325
Mon, 2nd September 2024 Thu, 5th September 2024 Slough £ 1,325
Mon, 23rd September 2024 Thu, 26th September 2024 York £ 1,325
Mon, 7th October 2024 Thu, 10th October 2024 Slough £ 1,325
Mon, 21st October 2024 Thu, 24th October 2024 York £ 1,325
Mon, 18th November 2024 Thu, 21st November 2024 York £ 1,325
Mon, 2nd December 2024 Thu, 5th December 2024 Slough £ 1,325
Mon, 9th December 2024 Thu, 12th December 2024 York £ 1,325
Mon, 20th January 2025 Thu, 23rd January 2025 Slough £ 1,325
Mon, 27th January 2025 Thu, 30th January 2025 York £ 1,325
Mon, 17th February 2025 Thu, 20th February 2025 York £ 1,325
Mon, 24th February 2025 Thu, 27th February 2025 Slough £ 1,325
Mon, 17th March 2025 Thu, 20th March 2025 Slough £ 1,325
Mon, 24th March 2025 Thu, 27th March 2025 York £ 1,325
Tue, 22nd April 2025 Fri, 25th April 2025 York £ 1,325
Mon, 28th April 2025 Thu, 1st May 2025 Slough £ 1,325
Mon, 12th May 2025 Thu, 15th May 2025 Slough £ 1,325
Mon, 19th May 2025 Thu, 22nd May 2025 York £ 1,325
Mon, 16th June 2025 Thu, 19th June 2025 York £ 1,325
Mon, 23rd June 2025 Thu, 26th June 2025 Slough £ 1,325

Day Morning Afternoon
  • Course Introduction
  • Health and Safety Legislation and Confined Spaces Regulations
  • Hazards Associated with Confined Spaces
  • Identifying Confined Spaces
  • Working in Confined Spaces
  • Emergency Arrangements
  • Introduction to JSP375 Chapter 6
  • Application of Chapter 6 including Roles and Duties of Appointed Personnel
  • Management Arrangements
  • Training Requirements
  • Introduction to Confined Space PPE, Plant and Equipment
  • Practical Confined Space Vertical Entry Exercise using Tripod, Winch and Escape Breathing Apparatus (EBA)
  • Overview of Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)
  • Risk Assessment Exercise
  • Entry Procedures, Standing Instruction Worked Example
  • Entry Procedures Safety Programme and Permit To Work Worked Example
  • APCS Chapter 6 Familiarisation Exercise
  • APCSR Technical and Procedural Questions
  • APCS - Safety Programme Practice Scenario
  • APCSR - Safety Programme Assessment Scenario
  • APCSR Feedback and Dispersal
  • Assessment and Appointment of Authorised Persons (APs)
  • Auditing and Monitoring
  • Technical and Procedural Question Paper
  • Safety Programme Assessment Scenario
  • Safety Programme Assessment Scenario Continued
  • APCS Feedback and Dispersal
  • The current Health & Safety legislation in respect to confined spaces
  • Gain an understanding of safe systems of work and complete safety documentation including Permits to Work
  • Understand the minimum safety equipment requirements and procedures utilised for safe entry and egress
  • Have an awareness for the responsibilities for individuals within the work team, training and fitness requirements
  • Understand the actions and reporting procedures needed in respect to response to emergencies
  • You will carry out a practical entry into confined spaces using escape breathing apparatus (EBA)
Prior to attending this course we recommend you have the following:
You will require PPE including boots, overalls and hard hat
Self-certification for entry into confined spaces and wearing breathing apparatus will need to be completed on the course

Customer Questions

Q: What are RAMS?
A: RAMS covers Risk Assessments Method Statements
Q: What is an Authorised Person?
A: An Authorised Person is defined as someone who has been formally authorised in writing to undertake a role.
Q: Do I need to be clean-shaven for this course?
A: This course is not an entrants course and you won’t be entering an actual confined space. Your practical exercise is for familiarisation only.
Q: Do I need a medical certification to join this course?
A: This course is not an entrants course and you won’t be entering an actual confined space. Your practical exercise is for familiarisation only.
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