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High Voltage Foundation (HVF)

£995 + VAT
3 Days
York and Slough.
Course Overview
The course will provide the foundational knowledge required to develop a potential HV competent person or HVAP by providing a mix of practical and theoretical awareness of HV systems and equipment. The aim of this course is to learn and/or enhance current knowledge and explore common practices when using HV equipment.

Delegates will receive a Certificate of Achievement if they are successful with the end assessment. Delegates who are not successful or wish not to sit the 1-hour end assessment will receive a PPL Certificate of Attendance. The delegate will also benefit from the course workbook, that is provided and signed by the tutor, showing evidence of switching operations. This could compliment the delegates personal log and assist with their CPD.
Who is This Course For?
HV and LV electrical personnel requiring a practical introduction (or practical enhancement) to HV systems and equipment. The course would also be suitable for appointed HVAP’s who have limited operational experience due to lack of opportunities to work with or operate HV equipment. This course would also benefit anyone who is considering attending a HVAP course in the future. The course highlights the receipt of safety documents and safety procedures that the HV competent person would be expected to work to.
Start Date End Date Location Price (Ex. Vat)
Tue, 30th July 2024 Thu, 1st August 2024 Slough £ 995
Tue, 27th August 2024 Thu, 29th August 2024 York £ 995
Mon, 30th September 2024 Wed, 2nd October 2024 Slough £ 995
Mon, 7th October 2024 Wed, 9th October 2024 York £ 995
Mon, 11th November 2024 Wed, 13th November 2024 Slough £ 995
Mon, 18th November 2024 Wed, 20th November 2024 York £ 995
Mon, 6th January 2025 Wed, 8th January 2025 York £ 995
Mon, 27th January 2025 Wed, 29th January 2025 Slough £ 995
Mon, 3rd March 2025 Wed, 5th March 2025 York £ 995
Mon, 14th April 2025 Wed, 16th April 2025 York £ 995
Tue, 22nd April 2025 Thu, 24th April 2025 Slough £ 995
Tue, 27th May 2025 Thu, 29th May 2025 York £ 995
Mon, 9th June 2025 Wed, 11th June 2025 Slough £ 995

  • Risks and Hazards when working at High Voltage
  • Switchgear & Switching
  • Distribution system fault finding
  • Pressure testing
  • Live phasing
  • Switchgear and testing
  • Receiving safety documents
Prior to attending this course we recommend you have the following:
Sufficient electrical experience and knowledge will be required to understand the general principles and that any delegate must bring their willingness to engage.
The course will refer to technical procedures and equipment, that can be used for further awareness training if required.
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