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Aeronautical Ground Lighting Technician (AGLT)

£1,495 + VAT
5 Days
York,   Slough and On-site.
Course Overview
This City & Guilds Assured course will provide you with the skills and knowledge required to carry out the installation and maintenance of Aeronautical Ground Lighting (AGL) systems and equipment. The course is suitable for meeting both Civil airport or Military airfield requirements and standards. It is designed to develop technical knowledge and practical application across the full range of AGL services. It will also help in meeting the competency requirements identified in BS EN 61821:2011 Electrical Installations for Lighting and Beaconing of Aerodromes - Maintenance of Aeronautical Ground Lighting Constant Current Series Circuits.
Who is This Course For?
This is ideal for engineering staff with the responsibility for the operation, installation or maintenance of AGL systems to either Civil Airport (EASA, UK CAA and ICAO) or MOD Airfield (JSP and RA) standards.
Start Date End Date Location Price (Ex. Vat)
Mon, 2nd September 2024 Fri, 6th September 2024 Slough £ 1,495
Mon, 16th September 2024 Fri, 20th September 2024 York £ 1,495
Mon, 7th October 2024 Fri, 11th October 2024 York £ 1,495
Mon, 28th October 2024 Fri, 1st November 2024 York £ 1,495
Mon, 2nd December 2024 Fri, 6th December 2024 Slough £ 1,495
Mon, 13th January 2025 Fri, 17th January 2025 York £ 1,495
Mon, 10th February 2025 Fri, 14th February 2025 Slough £ 1,495
Mon, 10th March 2025 Fri, 14th March 2025 York £ 1,495
Mon, 7th April 2025 Fri, 11th April 2025 Slough £ 1,495
Mon, 12th May 2025 Fri, 16th May 2025 York £ 1,495
Mon, 9th June 2025 Fri, 13th June 2025 York £ 1,495

Day Morning Afternoon
  • Introduction to AGL Systems
  • AGL Maintenance Standards & Procedures
  • Primary Series Circuits & Equipment
  • Electrical Rules & Procedures
  • Group Practical Exercise(s)
  • Exercise(s) Review
  • Constant Current Regulators
  • Safe Working Practices
  • Group Practical Exercise(s)
  • Exercise(s) Review
  • Group Practical Exercise(s)
  • AGL Forum
  • Control Systems
  • Asset Maintenance
  • Assessment(s)
  • Understanding the use of lighting as a visual aid
  • AGL series circuits and system components
  • Maintenance standards and procedures
  • Operation of constant current regulators
  • The application of AGL safe working practices
  • AGL control and monitoring systems and airside asset management
  • Installation and commissioning requirements - testing and fault finding
  • Practical exercises and final assessment exercise
Prior to attending this course we recommend you have completed the following or their equivalent and possess:
An understanding of airfield and related electrical operations.
Everything you require for this course is provided
On successful completion, we recommend the following training courses to continue your learning path:
Authorised Person Aeronautical Ground Lighting Aeronautical Ground Lighting Maintenance (Systems Management)
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Customer Questions

Q: Do you have to have an electrical background to join this course.
A: You don't need an electrical background but engineering and airport experience is advantageous.
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