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Legionella Management for Water Systems Remote (EWH001)

£295 + VAT
1 Day

Our Online Tutor-Led Remote Training

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Course Overview
Our Legionella Management course has been developed in response to industry demands for knowledgeable and suitably trained management staff that understand Legionella and water management control. Taught exclusively by industry professionals, this course will give you the necessary information for you to understand and fulfil the duties and responsibilities of the Duty Holder and Appointed Competent person.

Throughout the day you will cover: supervision, effective implementation and management of risk assessments, along with remedial work and management of water systems to ensure your facility complies with Approved Code of Practice L8 (ACoP L8).

We appreciate that our training staff are a vital component of the overall delegate learning experience. As such, all of our remote training courses are delivered live by one of our tutors through Microsoft Teams.
Who is This Course For?
This legionella training course is suitable for those within or working towards the management role or anyone that oversees the day to day operation of a water system, such as Duty Holders and Competent/Responsible Persons. This course satisfied the HSE's ACOP L8 and relevant legislation and is suitable for: landlords, business owners, health and safety managers, property and facilities specialists.
Start Date End Date Location Price (Ex. Vat)
Tue, 27th August 2024 Tue, 27th August 2024 Remote Training £ 295
Wed, 11th September 2024 Wed, 11th September 2024 Remote Training £ 295
Mon, 23rd September 2024 Mon, 23rd September 2024 Remote Training £ 295
Mon, 21st October 2024 Mon, 21st October 2024 Remote Training £ 295
Mon, 25th November 2024 Mon, 25th November 2024 Remote Training £ 295
Mon, 16th December 2024 Mon, 16th December 2024 Remote Training £ 295
Mon, 27th January 2025 Mon, 27th January 2025 Remote Training £ 295
Mon, 17th February 2025 Mon, 17th February 2025 Remote Training £ 295
Mon, 24th March 2025 Mon, 24th March 2025 Remote Training £ 295
Mon, 28th April 2025 Mon, 28th April 2025 Remote Training £ 295
Tue, 27th May 2025 Tue, 27th May 2025 Remote Training £ 295
Mon, 23rd June 2025 Mon, 23rd June 2025 Remote Training £ 295

Day Morning Afternoon
  • Introduction
  • Water Systems Background
  • Medical Aspects of Legionellosis
  • Legal Aspects of Legionella
  • L8 Engineering Aspects of Water Systems
  • System Monitoring
  • Water Sampling & Records
  • Assessment(s) - 20 Question 40 minute Exam
  • Legionellosis - background - medical aspects
  • Legal implications
  • ACOP and guidance on the control of legionella in water systems
  • Implementation of the written scheme
  • Water sampling and necessary actions
  • Ensuring competency of staff, consultants and contractors
  • Water systems disinfection requirements
  • Management of log book records
  • Online course assessment
There are no additional requirements prior to attending this course.
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