SAP High Voltage - Commercial and Industrial Sectors (APHV4)

£1,325 + VAT
5 Days
York and Slough.
Course Overview
This City & Guilds accredited course will enable you to gain the additional knowledge required to carry out Senior Authorised Person duties and responsibilities in order to achieve compliance with the requirements of the Electricity at Work 1989 and implement mandatory standards, such as company electrical safety rules. From attending this course you will gain a greater understanding of the role of the SAP.
Who is This Course For?
This course is aimed at experienced HVAPs in the industrial and commercial sectors with the responsibility for the control, operation or maintenance of installed high voltage systems and who may be appointed as Senior Authorised Person (Electrical High Voltage). It is also suitable for existing High Voltage Authorised Persons looking for a HVSAP refresher. This course would be only suitable for those who are already appointed as APs or those who have recently completed the High Voltage Operation and Safety course
Start Date End Date Location Price (Ex. Vat)
Mon, 25th October 2021 Fri, 29th October 2021 Slough £1325
Mon, 8th November 2021 Fri, 12th November 2021 Slough £1325
Mon, 17th January 2022 Fri, 21st January 2022 York £1325
Mon, 21st February 2022 Fri, 25th February 2022 Slough £1325
Mon, 28th February 2022 Fri, 4th March 2022 York £1325
Mon, 21st March 2022 Fri, 25th March 2022 Slough £1325
Mon, 25th April 2022 Fri, 29th April 2022 York £1325
Mon, 16th May 2022 Fri, 20th May 2022 Slough £1325
Mon, 6th June 2022 Fri, 10th June 2022 York £1325
Mon, 4th July 2022 Fri, 8th July 2022 Slough £1325
Mon, 1st August 2022 Fri, 5th August 2022 York £1325
Mon, 5th September 2022 Fri, 9th September 2022 Slough £1325
Mon, 19th September 2022 Fri, 23rd September 2022 York £1325
Mon, 24th October 2022 Fri, 28th October 2022 York £1325
Mon, 31st October 2022 Fri, 4th November 2022 Slough £1325
Mon, 5th December 2022 Fri, 9th December 2022 York £1325
Mon, 12th December 2022 Fri, 16th December 2022 Slough £1325

Day Morning Afternoon
  • Course Introduction
  • High Voltage System and Equipment
  • High Voltage System and Equipment
  • Evening Exercise Review
  • Electrical Safety Rules, Documentation, Roles and Duties
  • High Voltage Work and Safety Documentation Exercise
  • Auditing and Appointments
  • Risk Assessment
  • Live Phasing
  • Transformers
  • High Voltage Protection Systems
  • Practical and Documentation Exercise(s)
  • Evening Exercise Review
  • Practical and Documentation Exercise(s)
  • Documentation Assessment
  • Technical Assessment
  • Course Review
  • Requirements for safe operation of high voltage systems
  • Fault finding
  • High voltage distribution switchgear and equipment
  • High and Low voltage distribution systems
  • High voltage working and operation
  • Safe isolation around standby power supplies and equipment
  • Roles and duties of the safety team
  • Appointments and Assessments
  • Practical implementation of Safe Systems to establish safety rules
  • Completion of safety documents through practical exercises
  • High Voltage protection
  • Distribution Transformers
  • Electricity at Work Safety Regulations 1989 and the published guidance available
Prior to attending this course we recommend you have completed the following or their equivalent and possess:
Authorised Person High Voltage - Operation and Safety
Everything you require for this course is provided
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Customer Questions

Q: What voltages do you cover on this course?
A: HV distribution systems typically operate at 11000 Volts to 33000 Volts, which are covered by the reference material we use in the course.
Q: What do I need to wear to my course?
A: Everyday work wear or office wear is recommended, and to include not slip footwear. Our risk assessment has not identified any specific PPE.
Q: What is the difference between APHV, 1, 2, 3 & 4?
A: They are all HV courses designed for the prospective or current AP &/or SAP. HV1 is the basic course aimed at the more commercial sectors. HV4 is aimed at the same sectors but only for current SAPs. HV2 is delivered using HTM 06-03 rules for the hospital sector and HV3 is delivered using the JSP rules for the MOD sectors (but often used by the commercial sectors as a refresher course). For the hospital sectors requiring a 2 week course for the beginner, the HV1 followed by the HV2 will meet their requirements. For the MOD sector requiring a 2 week course for the beginner, the HV1 followed by a HV3 will meet their requirements.
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