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Medical Gas Safety Training for Clinical Users (EMGSC)

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1 Day
Course Overview
The purpose of this self-paced elearning course is to ensure that:
  1. You are aware of the risks associated with medical gases
  2. You are aware of the safety procedures of use with medical gases
  3. You gain knowledge and understanding of the properties of medical gases
  4. You gain knowledge and understanding of medical gas controls within the workplace, for the safety of the patients, staff, the building, and the equipment

Like all training, due diligence and site familiarity is required to ensure a safe working environment. This course will aid you in becoming aware of the medical gases and their components in your working environment. It will instruct the correct and safe way to use and handle medical gases, and safe storage of medical gas cylinders.

On completion you should be able to identify:
  • Which medical gases do you have on the ward/department you work on
  • Where they can be isolated in an emergency
  • What the medical gas alarm indicates Where the mobile cylinders are, which gas they contain, the level of their content, if they are full and ready for use, and if they are stored safely

  • This course is separated into 8 subject sections, with an introduction and final examination. Following each section, there will be a short question and answer session.

    You must answer all the questions correctly to proceed to the next section. If you do not answer the questions correctly at the end of each section, you will have the opportunity to go back and review that section, and then complete the questions until answered correctly. Once you have completed all 10 sections there is a final assessment. Once finished you will be issued your training certificate.
Who is This Course For?
This training course is designed for clinical staff with a responsibility for working with Medical Gas Pipeline Systems. According to HTM 02-01 'General Nursing Staff' should undergo refresher training annually. This course is designed inline with this guidance.

You will have 6 months to complete this course once you are registered. The course is designed to be completed at your own pace, with a view to ensuring that you work safely with Medical Gas.

Certification is valid for 12 calendar months. Once this period is over, HTM 02-01 recommends that training is re-taken to refresh your knowledge and increase competency.
  • Introduction to Medical Gases
  • Medical Gases and their properties
  • Medical Gas cylinders
  • Medical Gas supply systems
  • Medical Vacuum
  • Medical Gas equipment and its effect on the system (Gas Conservation)
  • Suction and oxygen equipment testing
  • Operational policy / emergency procedures
  • Local Alarms
  • Final Examination
There are no additional requirements prior to attending this course.
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