Legionella Awareness Remote (EWH002)

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1 Day

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Course Overview
This City & Guilds accredited Legionella Awareness course is an entry-level qualification which will provide an insightful background to Legionella - covering its risks, the monitoring requirements and the statutory legislation surrounding it. Once you successfully complete this 1-day legionella awareness training you will have an understanding of why it's necessary to successfully implement and manage a written scheme, monitor for legionella and ensure your water systems are ACOP L8 Compliant.

As we understand that our training staff are a vital component of our training, all our remote learning courses are delivered live by one of our tutors through Zoom.
Who is This Course For?
This Legionella awareness course has been designed as an entry point for anyone that needs to gain knowledge of Legionella and understand the importance of managing the risks. This course has been developed in line with ACoP L8 and relevant Statutory requirements, ensuring that you will receive up to date information on industry standards.

Completion of our City & Guilds accredited Legionella Awareness course can open up a path towards becoming more involved with water hygiene related duties, whilst providing formal recognition of your skills and knowledge.
Start Date End Date Location Price (Ex. Vat)
Thu, 11th November 2021 Thu, 11th November 2021 Remote Training £235
Wed, 15th December 2021 Wed, 15th December 2021 Remote Training £235
Tue, 25th January 2022 Tue, 25th January 2022 Remote Training £235
Tue, 22nd February 2022 Tue, 22nd February 2022 Remote Training £235
Tue, 29th March 2022 Tue, 29th March 2022 Remote Training £235
Tue, 26th April 2022 Tue, 26th April 2022 Remote Training £235
Tue, 24th May 2022 Tue, 24th May 2022 Remote Training £235
Tue, 28th June 2022 Tue, 28th June 2022 Remote Training £235
Tue, 26th July 2022 Tue, 26th July 2022 Remote Training £235
Wed, 31st August 2022 Wed, 31st August 2022 Remote Training £235
Tue, 27th September 2022 Tue, 27th September 2022 Remote Training £235
Tue, 25th October 2022 Tue, 25th October 2022 Remote Training £235
Tue, 29th November 2022 Tue, 29th November 2022 Remote Training £235
Tue, 20th December 2022 Tue, 20th December 2022 Remote Training £235

Day Morning Afternoon
  • Introduction
  • Water Systems Background
  • Medical Aspects of Legionellosis
  • Ideal Conditions for Proliferation - Legal Aspects of Legionella
  • L8 Engineering Aspects of Water Systems
  • System Monitoring
  • Water Sampling & Records
  • Assessment - 20 Question, 30 minutes (Multiple Choice Exam)
  • Water systems safety
  • Legionellosis - medical aspects
  • Statutory and non-statutory health and safety requirements
  • Monitoring requirements of hot and cold water systems
  • Flushing regimes
  • Water sampling requirements
  • Records and log books
There are no additional requirements prior to attending this course.
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