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Competent Person Ventilation HTM 03-01 (CPV)

£855 + VAT
3 Days
York,   Slough,   Livingston and On-site.
Course Overview
This course has been developed to provide the necessary information to understand the duties & responsibilities of the nominated Competent Person (HTM 03-01). The course will provide awareness of the different types of ventilation and air-conditioning systems, their component parts and typical layout that conform to healthcare applications. The course will identify the inspection, operation and maintenance activities required and are carried out safely without hazard to staff, patients or members of the public. Those required to inspect, verify or maintain ventilation equipment will need to show competence. You should have sufficient knowledge of correct operation and be able to recognise faults.
Who is This Course For?
This course has been developed for operations managers technical staff and consultants who require an understanding of how to operate and maintain specialised ventilation systems in healthcare premises.
Start Date End Date Location Price (Ex. Vat)
Wed, 31st August 2022 Fri, 2nd September 2022 York £855
Tue, 6th September 2022 Thu, 8th September 2022 York £855
Mon, 12th September 2022 Wed, 14th September 2022 Slough £855
Tue, 11th October 2022 Thu, 13th October 2022 York £855
Tue, 8th November 2022 Thu, 10th November 2022 York £855
Mon, 14th November 2022 Wed, 16th November 2022 Slough £855
Tue, 13th December 2022 Thu, 15th December 2022 Slough £855
Tue, 17th January 2023 Thu, 19th January 2023 Slough £870
Tue, 31st January 2023 Thu, 2nd February 2023 Livingston £870
Wed, 1st February 2023 Fri, 3rd February 2023 York £870
Tue, 14th March 2023 Thu, 16th March 2023 Slough £870
Tue, 28th March 2023 Thu, 30th March 2023 Livingston £870
Tue, 11th April 2023 Thu, 13th April 2023 York £870
Tue, 16th May 2023 Thu, 18th May 2023 Slough £870
Tue, 16th May 2023 Thu, 18th May 2023 Livingston £870
Wed, 31st May 2023 Fri, 2nd June 2023 York £870

Day Morning Afternoon
  • Course Introduction
  • SHTM / HTM 03 and Statutory Regulations
  • Healthcare Comfort
  • Definition of Terms
  • Legionellosis
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Safe Systems of Work
  • SHTM/HTM 03 - Chapter 2
  • Risk Assessments
  • Fire Safety, COSHH and Implications
  • Types of Ventilation Systems
  • Plantroom Visit
  • Refrigeration systems
  • SHTM/HTM 03 Chapter 3
  • Ventilation Systems Requirements
  • Waste Heat Recovery Systems
  • Principles of Air Conditioning
  • SHTM / HTM - Chapter 4
  • AHU Components
  • Fire Dampers
  • SHTM / HTM 03 - Chapter 4
  • HTM 03 Part A and Part B Technical Details
  • Air Flow Measurement and Standard Instruments
  • Annual Inspection Requirements
  • Practical Inspection and Practical Air Flow Measurement
  • Principles of Psychrometry and use in a Ventilation System
  • Course Assessment
  • Types and purposes of ventilation systems within the NHS
  • Statutory comfort standards requirements and sources of Department of Health and Industry guidance
  • Identifying the role of smoke and fire dampers, their maintenance and inspection requirements
  • Identifying the essential components of an air conditioning system
  • Identifying appropriate filter grades required for NHS ventilation systems
  • Humidification and de-humidification, explain its use within the NHS
  • What precautions should be in place in NHS ventilation and air conditioning systems to control Legionella.
  • Describe the function of control systems within ventilation systems
  • Inspection and verification of critical ventilation systems. Plus practical application.
  • Instruments used to collate information from the ventilation systems, and their practical use.
  • Safe System of Work and the NHS risk assessment process model.
Prior to attending this course we recommend you have the following:
Everything you require for this course is provided
On successful completion, we recommend the following training courses to continue your learning path:
Authorised Person Confined Spaces (Commercial) Authorised Person Ventilation HTM 03-01
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Course Training Team


Malcolm Webster

Senior Mechanical/Ventilation Training Consultant

Malcolm is a highly-qualified Mechanical and Electrical engineer who has worked for several organisations, within both the public and private sectors in UK and overseas. He first became involved with training and assessment during his time while in government service with the Property Services Agency at RTTC Cardington and has enjoyed working in these specialist fields during his subsequent career. Malcolm has considerable experience in air conditioning and ventilation systems and has recently been delivering the specialist ventilation courses for the NHS authorising personnel courses. Malcolm is based at our head office and training centre in York.

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