Gas and Oil Safety Awareness for Maintenance Operatives (GOS)

£250 + VAT
1 Day
Course Overview
This course provides you with an awareness for Gas and Oil safety within the workplace. It covers potential dangers of fitting internal, external and cavity wall insulation in buildings where combustible fuel appliances are located. The course will provide candidates with an awareness of the implications of blocked flues, ventilation requirements on gas and oil and other appliances, flue types, general appliance types and unsafe situations.
Who is This Course For?
This course has been developed to multi-skill existing operatives, providing them with safety awareness procedures in relation to gas and oil.

Key Learning Areas
  • Combustion process
  • Building regulations
  • Air supply and permeability
  • Carbon monoxide dangers and actions in the event of poisoning
  • Flues and chimneys
  • Combustion ventilation
  • Understanding the Gas Safety Regulations 1998
  • Appliance identification
  • Unsafe situations
  • Risk assessments

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