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PAS 2030 Training and Quality Management Software (PAS)

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Duration: 1 Days
Location(s): On-site.
Course Overview
In order to install measures under schemes such as ECO and/or Green Deal Finance, installers are required to operate a PAS2030 compatible Quality Management System (QMS). This course provides a complete bespoke online QMS designed around the unique operations of your company, the PAS 2030 standard and the Green Deal Code of Practice.
Who is This Course For?
This Trade Engine course has been designed for those wishing to gain a thorough understanding of PAS 2030 as well as how to get involved in schemes such as ECO and Green Deal. The online QMS software, includes all required documentation including procedures, records and forms to ensure compliance with the PAS2030 scheme. During the course you will be given an overview of how to access and operate the QMS software.
Key Learning Areas
  • Understanding ECO
  • Overview of the various funding providers and how to get involved
  • Understanding of the PAS2030 specification
  • Knowledge of the processes involved when implementing a PAS2030 quality management system
  • How to access and operate the online Quality Management System in order to meet scheme requirements and remain compliant
  • Overview of the PAS2030 accreditation bodies and how to become certified
  • How to access support during and beyond accreditation
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